The End of Life as We Know It

At this ‘certain time of life,’ I love the way Michelle articulates the challenges…and looks forward to the joys that I know are ahead! If you’re there with me, you will enjoy looking at Michelle’s thoughtful posts…

Living Over The Hill

It’s happening to most of my friends at this time in life. The children are leaving home and it’s as if someone has died. In an instant, the once, revolving door becomes still. There’s no chatter and laughter drifting downstairs. All of sudden you have way too much food and don’t even know how to cook for less. We used to look forward to that trip to Sam’s Club every week. It’s no longer necessary. The calendar has blank spaces where there were none. The babies that used to count on you to take care of them, to give them advice and to provide for them are now out of your reach.

Are they safe? Are they eating? Are they making friends? Are they behaving themselves? These questions cling to you while you try to assure yourself that you’ve done a good job raising them. You decide to text them. They don’t…

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