[There must be] Nine Cute Cures for Cabin Fever

Full disclosure: Several innocent milk chocolate confections were ruthlessly consumed to complete this post.


How can I disperse these seasonal blah’s,
and deal with their being-cooped-up cause???

I asked my Guru for advice, and he
gave me guidance couched in candy !


Here, my friends, my dear ones,  are my Guru’s solutions  to end nine pesky winter-induced situations:

1. Cabin Fever Bickering?

Does being stuck inside foment
Arguments and bickers?

A funny movie (and a treat)
Turn bickers into…


2. Earth-bound angst?

The weather’s got you stuck
when you don’t want to stay?

Grab a science fiction book;
Explore the…

...Milky Way
…Milky Way

3. Same-old, same-old got you yawning?

“If I have another week like this,
my head will blow off soon!”
Tired of the same routine
morning,evening, noon?

Have mac and cheese for breakfast; serve
pancakes for your lunch.
Shake up that stale monotony.
That will help you in the…


4. Feeling clumsy and stuck?

You’re tripping and you’re dropping things;
up early, but sleep lingers.

Try some aerobic exercise
to cure those…


5. Savage Breast Need Soothing?

The snow and all its limitations
is giving you bad palpitations?

Take advantage of that timpani!
Listen to a…


6. Creativity on the Wane?

Break out the crayons, glue and scissors;
Make today a play day.

Create a card, a poem, a toy;
make the doldrums feel like…


7. Do Piles of Weary Work Await?

So, be stitching on those buttons!
So, be tacking sagging hems!

Such diligence deserves reward!
Please pass the…

...M & M's
…M & M’s

8. Could You Reach Out to Others?

So…feel like you’re a puzzle piece short of a scene?
Hey, others, too, search for their missing pieces!

Sit down and write a letter, and then,
reward yourself with…


9. Need to Just Let it All Out????

Want to scream? Find yourself a safe and quiet spot:
Unleash whoops and wails and hollers.

You’ll feel like a million bucks!
Or–adjusted for inflation–
A hundred thousand dollars!

...100 Grand
…100 Grand


Oh, I know what you are going to say:
It’s Lent
It’s Lent
It’s Lent

And perhaps you
gave up chocolate
(God bless your good intent.)

But this problem’s meteorological;
and our winter tolerance, spent.

So I asked:

“Oh, Guru, what of these winter woes
gripping the north half of
the nation?

Does its urgency justify

Oh, yes. He granted dispensation.

He said:

“Those who foreswore chocolate
should not shrug off all cheer!”

But then he sighed.
He trudged away.

(I hear
he gave up


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