Default Dreamer

 Empty bed

The house asleep,
we creep
Star dark night
Star drunk sky

We meet our friends
to play
(parents sleeping
in the house.)

With silent moves
we dodge and run
Fear-frissoned joy:
to have such fun,
The night so dark
Yet, we: outside!

Night time play

The Cattermouse wails;
all run and hide.

And then: so swift,
just gentle, it seems
the Dreamless come
to take our dreams.
Is that a shadow?
And here it races
Sticky blackness
touching faces

Horrid sucking
breath so rank–
abrupt release
to an awful blank.
All the children
land hard, on knees
and gloating monsters
nimble up trees

All the children but one
In the stone wall vee
by the goldfish pond
She holds a tiny shining light
that sears a hole
in the flannelly night

And the Dreamless hiss
and they whisper spit,
But, oh, they are
afraid of it

And stalwart battery lives till dawn
Till monsters, moans, and dreams
are gone.

A little light

And the children numbly
find their beds
blank matte screens
inside their heads


And shaking
I pocket
my light away
turn to face the rising day
Raise my face to the
pale weak sky
navigating knowledge
wondering why

my charge is now to forge a dream
so chantie-full,
so star-dust tossed
it will shimmer in
for all those lost.


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