Enjoying Reflected Rays–Thanks, Ann and Anand!!!


It’s a gray afternoon here…but as I squinch my eyes and peer at the skies, hoping it doesn’t rain for this evening’s community read kick-off event—an open air concert, we hope!—I’m feeling particularly sunny. That’s because two blogging friends nominated my blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Those two bloggers are…

…Ann at http://www.holmanese.com/2015/08/26/sunshine-blogger-awards/


…Anand at


Their blogs are brilliant and I hope you’ll visit.


I’m answering some of Anand’s and Ann’s questions below. I hope you will visit some of the bloggers I mention within, too—they are wonderful bloggers, great fun to read, and often tremendously illuminating…

  1. What do you like most about the present situation? Being nominated for this award allows me to recognize some of the wonderful blogs I get to read,–like Nancy Faerber at https://looseleafwriting.wordpress.com/x
  2. What is the favorite part of your day? I love the early morning hours (this was not always true, by the way), before work.  The coffee is fresh, and I spend time with my loose leaf journal, scrawling notes and thoughts and non sequiturs onto its pages—sweeping clean the clutter from my mind. Then I read at least five WordPress blog posts.     I love the range of ways and topics that people post about—from Doodlemum’s art (doodlemum.com) to wordplay at mashedradish.com.
  3. As you can see, it’s easy to say a resounding, Yes! To this question: Has blogging enriched your life? How? Along with many connections, new friendships, and insights I’ve encountered, I get to travel vicariously—geographically, for example, with https://awanderingwomanstravels.wordpress.com/, and through time with http://garthmeaneyauthor.com/
  4. Who are your sources of inspiration? People who care about what they do, and do it intentionally and persistently, are great inspirations to me. Here’s one such person, an old friend from high school, rediscovered in his ‘Angel of Angels’ blog: https://myangelofangels.wordpress.com/
  5. What is your greatest wish for your child/children? For my youngest son, Jim, I wish a whole and meaningful life as he discovers how to be a grown-up with autism. I hope he’ll always have the love and support of people who understand and care. I have found several of these compassionate and dedicated people on line. Here are three: http://autism-mom.com/; http://nickysdaywithautism.com/; and https://takestep.wordpress.com/
  6. What is your greatest talent? It’s hard to say if it’s a great talent or not, but I really enjoy repurposing items that might otherwise contribute to the clog in our  landfills. And here, again, there’s inspiration available online. A favorite is https://rustyupcycling.wordpress.com/
  7. If your life were a book, what would be the genre? Maybe a memoir, reaching back into the generations, hoping to send a positive touch into the future. I see that in this blog: https://youwhoineverknew.wordpress.com/

I’m twisting the rules just a bit, and cutting my list of questions short; I think my nominators will understand. I’m glad I’ve been able to incorporate some lovely blogs into the answers to Ann and Anand’s very thoughtful questions.

Here is my challenge to you:

—In your next blog post, include a link to a blog that really inspires you. Share that person’s thoughts and talents with the people who read your work.

Wishing you joy even when the sunshine is hidden—


Image from clipart-panda-roll


22 thoughts on “Enjoying Reflected Rays–Thanks, Ann and Anand!!!

    1. We get there when we’re ready, I guess, Luanne! I feel good, at this ‘seasoned’ age, to be meeting such a wonderful range of people…most of whom seem a lot more comfortable in the electronic world than I feel!

  1. Thank you, thank you, Pam for the wonderful mention!! How very generous of you to spread the sunshine around to so many others! Congrats!

    I am actually moving my blog to nancyfaerber.com and renaming it Practically Wise. I’ll be making a formal announcement on my old blog soon!

    Thanks again! I’m so glad to have found yr blog…and just noticed there’s a Loolie series! I’ll have to play hooky from my new job to catch up and check out the other great blogs you’ve mentioned!

  2. Pingback: Welcome to Practically Wise! | practically wise

  3. Big, huge, massive congrats to you!! I love your writing and you SO deserve this.

    Your post about your friend Kim hit me right in the heart. I too am going through seeing a dear one (my 83-year old Mom, also dying of metastatic cancer) through her last days. The bad thing is that I am going to lose her. The good thing is that she gets to say anything and EVERYTHING she wants to; also plan her own funeral (including outfit and the degree of smile she wants on her face; no teeth showing, though–too creepy, she says), give away keepsakes to dear friends and family, eat whatever she wants and hang around in her nightie all day.

    You wrote right on my heart, and please tell Kim that she, along with my mom, are in my heart and mind always.

    Thanks for this and thanks for you!

    1. Oh, your mother sounds so spirited–I love that! I love it that she’s reveling in staying in her nightie all day long (bet she never allowed herself to do that, much, in younger days!) No teeth showing…you must never know whether to laugh with her or cry for her impending loss. Your mother, Kim–oh, wonderful role models, aren’t they? Thanks, Jane, for your lovely response. I’ll be thinking about you in these last days of our special ones. Let’s keep each other aware!!!


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