Put Her In A Pumpkin Shell

(A Loolie tale)

 Bottle of boos

Pinterest image from Teresasews (available on Etsy)

13 thoughts on “Put Her In A Pumpkin Shell

  1. Awh! So sweet Pam! Love it. How so many of us can relate in some way to the separation of mother and child when they go off to college and find their first love and yet, still the strong bond between mother and “child.” Goosebumps – and not because I’m spooked, but because my heart is warmed by your BOOtiful story!

  2. I love this! I raised my daughter alone and she has been everything to me. I can so relate to the closeness and ache when they have to go off and do something like, uh, college, on their own, go figure! Mine is 26 now, lives 3o minutes away, and I still send her a funny card everyone now and then even though I see her regularly!

      1. She wants to move to New York to work, so needing to save money, she asked if she could move back in for a year. NYC is 900 miles away – this is going to be my toughest moment yet! Going to try and live in the present and enjoy the heck out of this next 12 months!

  3. LOL, the horse’s ass part is of course my absolute favorite, though the whole post is great. I like that there wasn’t an emphasis on bad mother or bad daughter costumes–they mixed it up ;).

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