A Recipe for Warmth and Gladness!

Stir together:

  • A winning, winsome talent
  • A bent for thoughtful friendship
  • Generosity and a giving nature

…Let blend. You’ll find you’ve arrived at FreeSpirit’s wonderful blog. You’ll truly enjoy visiting:


Then add a huge pinch of thankfulness to FreeSpirit: I am touched and honored to be included in her Versatile Blogger award nominations!


Versatile Blogger Award

FreeSpirit asked me to mention seven things about myself, and I’m all about recipes this Thanksgiving day—a cooking bout is coming on,–so I thought I’d include some of my favorite flavors and foods of the season…

  1. Turkey—white meat; sandwiches the next day, on fresh homemade bread, are the best;
  2. May be a cliché, but I love green bean casserole with French fried onions;
  3. Stuffing with lots of onion and celery;
  4. Warm yeast rolls with butter melting;
  5. Fluffy mashed potatoes with perhaps a hint of cheddar;
  6. Shortbread cookies cut into turkey shapes;
  7. And, of course, a warm slab of pecan pie, real whipped cream.

Hmmm…sounds like a recipe for clogged arteries! Good thing this only happens once a year.


I’d like to highlight three blogs that inspire me with recipes and other goodies!


Jodi, at http://lifeinbetween.me/2015/11/26/eat-pie-drink-wine-be-thankful/, shares her cooking and baking talent. Oh, the cookies I’ve made from Jodi’s recipes. They’ve earned me unjust fame among my colleagues. Jodi also writes about art and crafts, card-creation, and nature’s creation. Her photography and poetry uplift.

Lyn, at http://lynzrealcooking.com/2015/09/02/cream-puffs/, gave me a great idea for a leftover turkey dish! Lyn’s life has been full and multi-textured—mom to a large family, she has lived in the Middle East and now resides in the States. I’ve learned so much from reading her posts.


BreyBrey at http://ordinaryadventures.co/2015/11/21/my-daily-bread-cheeseburger-pasta/, shares the vicissitudes of daily life…and a wonderful recipe or two. This smart, savvy young lady has much to say and the wit to say it well!


I invite Jodi, Lyn, and BreyBrey, if time and space allow, to share links to sites and blogs that inspire them in their creative pursuits!



This Thanksgiving, I am truly grateful for you, FreeSpirit, and all of the wonderful people I’ve connected with through WordPress. Happy blogging, my friends!

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