The Oldest Friend She Never Knew


16 thoughts on “The Oldest Friend She Never Knew

  1. Wow, very touching and insightful! It really got me thinking about how we perceived people or how they perceived us during those awkward school years, and how everyone changes over time…

  2. So many lessons in this story. Contains reasons for regrets also. I wonder how many friends I never knew. In life we make contact with so many lonely souls who sometimes just don’t fit our clique. Thanks for writing a character who has character. I love that you applied the word dignity to her. I’m here because of my BW commitment. I am so glad I came today giving me this wonderful story.
    I am already a follower so you are probably in my Reader, but you know it is hard to catch everybody even in the three/four hours I spend there almost every day. I’m glad to have this smaller goal of five BW contacts per day. I’ll see you.

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