Bookish Whispers, Paged-Up Snorts


26 thoughts on “Bookish Whispers, Paged-Up Snorts

  1. Vibrant

    Dear Pam,

    This is such an interesting read. The world of literature and books! What happens to literatis and book lovers–a glimpse of it can be seen in this article. I was able to picture everything beautifully well, without falling off the wagon, which I usually do as I read fiction from accomplished writers.

    I am encountering word Afghan again in your writing. You know, before having come across your writings, this word mostly meant to me ‘a native of Afghanistan.’

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    1. Yes! I have to be aware of that–probably a colloquial use! I need to consider alternatives like ‘throw,’ ‘blanket,’ etc, especially since I don’t know WHY we refer to our snuggling blankies as afghans…and I ALWAYS told my students they could get into trouble using words or terms when they’re not clear WHY. Thanks for your lovely words, Anand!

      1. Vibrant

        I didn’t mean it that way Pam. Sometimes they paint a picture of wonder. Not everything needs to be clear(well, it maybe against the standard practice as you know better!)

        You are most welcome.
        Love and light ❤
        Anand 🙂

  2. A lovely read I savored with my Saturday morning coffee after a long walk and with gingersnaps baking in the oven. Cookies to take to BOOK CLUB this evening! I had trouble with this one – but I got through it. Dead Wake – by Erik Larson – about the Lusitania. I must admit I did much of it through Audible. LOL!

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  4. I try to avoid bookstores if I don’t have a budget but I usually can’t help it. I used to work where I have to go in front of a bookstore everyday and I can’t help but go in and check out books. If there were books on sale, I can’t help but buy. We don’t have any library near our place so I guess I can’t relate but if we have I’m pretty sure I will be a regular visitor. Usually I read the books I bought as soon as I am home, however, that is not the case nowadays. If only the books on my shelves can talk, they will surely make a fuss of me not taking the time to read them. I guess I should try to start reading as per your post Pam. Wonderful! 🙂

  5. I recently dined with a young couple who declared they want walls of bookshelves stacked to overflowing with – BOOKS! I was delighted beyond words. This is one of the best blogs I have ever read and so true. You hit the comma on the tail! Thanks a stack.

    1. Thanks, Lyn! I have been bookmarking many of your posts…my son has always been fascinated (since a Sesame Street clip twenty years ago!) with making flat breads and pita…we are going to do some baking together!

  6. We Readers have a very personal relationship with our books, don’t we? And sometimes it takes us a while to acknowledge that and sort it out — and sort it out book by book, from the “should reads” to the “guilty pleasures.” They really are living, breathing guests or permanent resident in our homes: some are visiting dignitaries, others are trusted advisers or cherished friends. And some defy categorization, a stranger with whom you spend intense time with, forever changed from that point on, yet they remain apart, not fully accessible. Perhaps these are the Great Books, those difficult reads we occasionally subject ourselves to, grateful for the new vision they bring us, yet very much relieved when it’s over!

    PS. If one of Dell’s blog posts showed up here, would that be a blog within a blog? 🙂

    1. Nancy, I love the image of good friends and visiting dignitaries…nestling with that important stranger. SO wonderfully said!

      Hmmm…a blog within a blog! There’s a fun idea to play with!


  7. Hi again. Wanted to say I’m enjoying your blog very much. Also, I see how faithful you are to your blog and to your readers. I think you are very kind to agree to read so many blogs for others.. I see so many request for you to do that.. My goodness, it will take you an eternity to read them all! Bet the books on your shelf are just as jealous of your cuddle time while reading those blogs! Anyway, just wanted to say I think your unselfishness is very kind. Hope others see that as well. Also, this was a fun little bit to read… You’ve inspired me to go read some old books that have been trying to get my attention.

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